Overview :

Sassind’s provides luxury loungewear based on a slow fashion modal, responsibly sourced natural fibers combined with timeless style. We instantly felt that we were a great match to provide marketing ads for such a meaningful brand.

The Problem :

Sassind wasn’t seeing much growth in its revenue. They were spending over $20k in ad spend but their ROI was -ve. They were losing money instead of seeing growth. Then Sassind came to us to scale their e-commerce brand to maximize their marketing budget with maximum return. They were looking to expand their paid social media and increase revenue. Beginning with a conservative approach they implemented an automated social media ads service that didn’t go as they planned.

Realizing our potential and not being satisfied with their current marketing system’s results, they approached VAD MEDIA.

The Strategy :

Our approach was to use the sniper targeting method to generate website traffic, increase product views and refine the retargeting process to increase their sales with keeping the cost per sale low.